Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 21st - July 24th
Available on SkitterTV
Watch HBO & Cinemax FREE for 4 days
and see what you've been missing! 
From July 21st through July 24th you can enjoy addictive series, entertaining movies, family favorites, and more on
HBO & Cinemax, from SkitterTV
available through Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone.
To qualify for this you simply need to have any subscription of either select, prime or total packages, no other action will be necessary for you to receive these channels.
Available Channels are as follows:
730 - HBO East
731- HBO West
732- HBO2 East
733 - HBO2 West
734 - HBO Signature East
735 - HBO Signature West
736 - HBO Family East
737 - HBO Family West
738 - HBO Latino East
739 - HBO Latino West
740 - HBO Comedy East
741 - HBO Comedy West
742 - HBO Zone East
743 - HBO Zone West
744 - Max East
745 - Max West
746 - MoreMax East
747 - MoreMax West
748 - Action Max East
749 - ActionMax West
750 - ThrillerMax East
751 - ThrillerMax West
752 - MovieMax
753 - Max Latino
755 - OuterMax

Friday, May 5, 2017

Remember to call before you dig!

Remember if you plan on doing any projects yourself that require digging this spring or summer, stay legal and call Iowa One Call at 800-292-8989 to avoid interruption of services to you or your neighbors and any costly repairs.  If you are having work done for you, make sure that the contracted company complies with the law when doing your project.

Also as spring approaches be mindful when burning ditches and fields that you are not burning communications pedestals located in the utility right-away in ditches and field edges, this can lead to catastrophic damage that you could be liable for.  This also applies during the summer months when mowing ditches, and mowing or driving over hidden pedestals.  It is always a good idea to walk the area first to determine if there are any washouts or hidden items before mowing these areas.

When in doubt call Iowa One Call to have nearby services located prior to any work being done.
Thank you from the Farmtel Communications team!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Farmtel Expansions & Upgrades planned for the summer of 2016

On the verge of spring, Farmtel is preparing for many expansions and upgrades during the spring, summer and fall of the 2016 season.

  • Additional high-speed wireless internet areas will be added to our current coverage areas.  We will share the new areas once the equipment has been installed, tested and ready for customers.
  • Increased speeds & prices will be available to our current high-speed wireless locations.  In addition to more locations, we are working to upgrade current wireless locations with newer equipment to enable faster speeds.
  • Expansion of our fiber-optic network into new areas.  We have several locations we will be expanding to, if your area is one of them we will be reaching out to you directly to determine if you would like our services.
  • Upgraded Cable Television system with many new features, options and packages.  We are still in the installing and testing phase of this project, but will have more information available when it will be released with all of the juicy details.
  • Voicemail options available for your home phone, eliminating the need for an answering machine and being able to get those messages sent to your email immediately.
If you are a current Farmtel customer of any of our services, there will be more information coming to you with your bill in the next few months about our upgrades & new services available, so stay tuned.

If you are not currently a Farmtel customer and would like more information if we are going to be expanding or upgrading in your area feel free to contact the office and speak with a Farmtel representative.

Remember if you plan on doing any projects yourself that require digging this spring or summer, stay legal and call Iowa One Call at 800-292-8989 to avoid interruption of services to you or your neighbors and any costly repairs.

2 New Farmtel Wireless internet locations available - with more coming soon.

Farmtel customers are lining up for wireless installs.  Call ahead and get on the installation schedule early to reserve your spot for high-speed wireless internet.

Farmtel Communications is pleased to announce the addition of two new locations that we will now be able to offer high-speed wireless internet to local customers. 

The first of the these two locations is available north of Salem.  This will help accommodate customers who previously could not see our Mount Pleasant or New London locations, or current customers who may have been on the edge of our service area will now be able to realign and have a more reliable signal.

Our second location is located south of Richland.  This is between our Brighton and Pekin locations, which will help areas previously not covered with these other towers.  You can learn more about our high-speed wireless internet from our website or calling the office to visit with a Farmtel representative.

If you are needing high-speed wireless internet for a specific date, don't delay call ahead and get on the schedule to ensure we can meet your intended date.