Friday, May 5, 2017

Remember to call before you dig!

Remember if you plan on doing any projects yourself that require digging this spring or summer, stay legal and call Iowa One Call at 800-292-8989 to avoid interruption of services to you or your neighbors and any costly repairs.  If you are having work done for you, make sure that the contracted company complies with the law when doing your project.

Also as spring approaches be mindful when burning ditches and fields that you are not burning communications pedestals located in the utility right-away in ditches and field edges, this can lead to catastrophic damage that you could be liable for.  This also applies during the summer months when mowing ditches, and mowing or driving over hidden pedestals.  It is always a good idea to walk the area first to determine if there are any washouts or hidden items before mowing these areas.

When in doubt call Iowa One Call to have nearby services located prior to any work being done.
Thank you from the Farmtel Communications team!